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Cooking a Heritage (Heirloom) Turkey
Heritage (or heirloom) turkeys are a little more delicate to cook than the standard commercial bird, but well worth the effort. Here are a few tips to ensure that your heritage turkey stays moist and full of the flavor and character that make these birds increasingly popular.
Creamy Green Garlic Soup
Green garlic is a fantastic seasonal product that starts to show up in the market in march. It is the essence of the coming of spring both in color and fresh flavor. Serve with our lovely Chardonnay.
Grilled Carmody & Niman Ranch Bacon Sandwich with Quince paste
Pair with the Paradise Ridge Winery’s 2012 Estate The Posse, Rhone Style Blend
Grilled Chicken Breast with Mango Salsa
A delicious recipe to share with family & friends. Serve with the Paradise Ridge Sauvignon Blanc.
Harvest Vegetable Frittata
Makes lunch for 6 or 32 small hors d’oeuvres Here is a great “make-ahead” dish that can be done earlier in the day or the day before and then reheated last minute. It is great room temp or warm. Use any selection of garden fresh vegetables or cheese you have available.. You can serve it on its own, or top it with a dice of juicy, sweet heirloom tomatoes.
Marin French Petit Truffle, Chardonnay-Infused Shiitake, Grapeseed Oil on a Sweet Baguette
This cheese and wine are a classic combination. It is actually amazing how much better the pairing is with the addition of the shiitake! Pair with Paradise Ridge Winery’s 2013 Estate Chardonnay, Nagasawa Vineyard
Polenta with Lima Beans, Corna and Delicato Squash
Here is a wonderful alternative to the traditional mashed potatoes. This polenta is wonderful with a good Zinfandel Sauce and wild mushrooms. It includes the three sisters: corn, lima beans and squash which are planted together by the native Americans. This makes it even more appropriate for Thanksgiving. You can leave the skin on the Delicato Squash, as it is tender when cooked.
Roasted Heirloom Turkey with Wild Mushrooms & Zinfandel Gravy
Heirloom turkeys are becoming more popular these days. Last year, I served my family a Bourbon Red. It has a richer meat than do the traditional varieties. I also like the Narragansett turkeys for the same reason. I like to brine my turkey for 24 hours before cooking. I have included a recipe for the brine as well as a Zinfandel Gravy and Roasted Wild Mushrooms.
Slow-Roasted Pork
Here is a wonderful way to prepare pork. Slow-cooked with roasted peppers (my favorite is to use Jimmy Nardello’s Italian frying peppers, but even red bells will do a great job). The touch of cumin adds a little extra depth to the sauce. The pork drippings, wine and pepper create a beautiful sauce.
Traditional Turkey Stuffing (Dressing)
The beauty of this recipe is that it is a great guide for you to create any stuffing you’d like. This version is my “traditional” stuffing with apples, onions, celery, walnuts, dried cranberries and sage.